Thomas Raith

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Name: Thomas Raith
Location: Chicago
Status: alive
Relationships: Justine (girlfriend), Lara Raith (sister), Harry Dresden (brother)
Fandom: The Dresden Files
Other: White Court Vampire
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Thomas Raith is a character from the book series The Dresden Files.

Initially introduced as a wildcard, he eventually reveals that he is Harry's half-brother. Unlike most White Court vampires, who feed on sexual pleasure and don't care about their human victims, Thomas tries to fight his vampiric side and is in love with his girlfriend, Justine (who he cannot touch because true love is harmful to vampires of his clan.) During a power struggle in the White Court he is banished. He lives in Harry's apartment for a few years and gets a job as a hair stylist, until he is tortured by a demon and his vampire side takes over again.

Thomas is described as being (literally) inhumanly beautiful, a good fighter, and when he is not ruled by his vampire side he is extremely loyal.

Fan Reception

Thomas is a very popular character among fans. Slash fans like the fact that he is a beautiful sex vampire with morals, het fans like his romance with Justine, while gen fans enjoy his strong sibling relationship with his brother Harry.

Harry Dresden/Thomas Raith is a popular incest pairing that is even alluded to in canon (as a cover, because revealing that they are brothers would be dangerous.) Thomas is also a popular minor character in Harry Dresden/John Marcone stories: Marcone is often jealous of Thomas, who he thinks is Harry's boyfriend.

Some Fanworks

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