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Synonyms: Incest
See also: OBHWF, Twincest, Blackcest, Malfoycest, Pottercest
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Weasleycest is a term used in the Harry Potter fandom to describe fanworks that contain incest pairings involving members of the Weasley family -- most often twins Fred and George Weasley.

Common Weasleycest Pairings

Unlike Malfoycest, Weasleycest pairings are usually between siblings and not parent/child, though the occasional parent/child fanwork does exist (usually featuring Arthur, not Molly). Because six of the Weasley siblings are male, much Weasleycest is slash, though Ginny is commonly paired with every one of her brothers, creating a good amount of het as well.

Popular Weasleycest pairings include:

Other Weasleycest pairings include Charlie/Ginny, Charlie/Ron, Bill/Ginny, Ginny/Percy, Fred/Ron, Fred/Ginny, George/Ron, George/Ginny, Arthur/Ginny, Molly/Bill, Molly/Charlie, Bill/Charlie/Fred/George, Bill/Ron, and Percy/Ron.

Additionally, the entire Weasley family is sometimes depicted as being incestuous with one another. Such fanworks are often a crack-y play on "OBHWF" or a depiction of (fanonical) Pure-blood sex rituals.

Next-Gen Weasleycest

NextGen Weasleycest pairings include:


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  • "Brotherly Love" by Gred and Forge is a humorous wizard rock song about Weasleycest slash pairings told from George's persepective, specifically mentioning Fred/George, Bill/Charlie, and Percy/Ron/ghoul. [lyrics]
  • Carousel by Ely_baby, Lily has always wanted to emulate her mother, but after she sees something that she shouldn't, she just can't figure out what's wrong and what's right anymore.

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