A Family Affair (archive)

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Name: A Family Affair
Date(s): 15 September 2002 - late 2004?[1]
Archivist: rubykate
Founder: Jai Marie of Free Joy[2]
Type: Weasleycest fanfiction & fanart
Fandom: Harry Potter
URL: http://afa.expecto-patronum.net/ (2002-?)
http://weasleys.free-joy.org/ (2002)
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A Family Affair was a Harry Potter archive for fanfiction and fanart featuring Weasleycest pairings.

Archive link banner. Text reads: "A Family Affair: Fan fiction and art dedicated to Weasley incest."

Description from Expecto-Patronum.net:

"The original Weasley incest archive, featuring all Weasley/Weasley ships, all ratings, no holds barred. Includes fan fiction and fan art -- submissions always welcome!"[3]


The archive was started by Jai Marie in September 2002 and updated for automated submissions in April 2003.[4] In October 2003, rubykate took over running the archive.[5]

In 2003, one fan reported that the site's owner did not want the site publicized due to the recent legal threats from Warner Bros. and Rowling's publishing company, who had been sending cease and desist letters to sites hosting adult-rated Harry Potter fanfiction.[6]

The site was affiliated with the afamilyaffair community on LiveJournal.


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