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Journal Community
Name: A Family Affair (afamilyaffair)
Date(s): 29 September 2002 – present
Last updated on 14 January 2016
Moderator: katho
Founder: Jai Marie (y2jai/thisside) and togechukku[1]
Type: Weasleycest fanworks
Fandom: Harry Potter

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afamilyaffair is a Harry Potter LiveJournal community for Weasleycest.

The community shared a name with the A Family Affair archive, active from 2002 to 2004.

The community was suspended during Strikethrough but later reinstated.[2]


A Family Affair is a LiveJournal Weasleycest community. AFA is a community for fans of Weasleycest in the J K Rowling Harry Potter universe. Be it Ron/Ginny, or Bill/Charlie, you can be sure to find it here. You can post it in this community if it can be related back to relationships between Weasley siblings. What doesn't go here is promotion of RPGs, large pictures that aren't behind lj-cut tags, and mass quiz result posting, all of which get your posts deleted. Sound good? Great.


  1. ^ togechukku at LiveJournal, archived 17 November 2002 by the Wayback Machine. "A Family Affair", posted 30 September 2002: "y2jai and I made a community, *grins* its afamilyaffair and its for her website by the same name. ^^ So, all of you Weasleycest fans go and join, *poke poke*"
  2. ^ Shamless Reposting by freedomlost in strikethru2007, posted 30 May 2007 (Original by catrinella) and Returned and Deleted by mishalak, posted 06 June 2007. (Accessed 03 June 2021.)