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Synonyms: Incest
See also: Malfoycest, Weasleycest, Pottercest
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Blackcest is a term used in Harry Potter fandom to describe incestuous relationships between members of the Black family. The Black family is canonically incestuous, and the parents of Sirius and Regulus, Walburga Black and Orion Black, are second cousins. Some fanworks play on the family motto of "Toujours Pur" and suggest that these characters want to keep their relationships pure, that is, in the family.

The most common pairings are permutations of brothers Sirius and Regulus Black and their cousins, sisters Narcissa, Andromeda, and Bellatrix Black. Common tropes include the siblings finding solace in each other away from their abusive or neglectful parents as well as members of the family navigating conflicting loyalties to each other and to their own sides during the war.

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