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Synonym(s)sex magick
Related tropes/genressoul bond, dub con, Magic (trope)
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Sex magic is a trope that involves magic that is used in a sexual capacity, often to get characters together because of a magical spell, or to fulfill the terms of a magical spell needed for some other plot point.

The sex that occurs as the result of sex magic (or to fulfill the terms of the spell requiring sex) may be consensual, dub-con, or non-con. Sometimes the sex magic will result in a soul bond. Magical Healing Cock can be an example of sex magic when it is played literally.

Sex magic as a trope occurs in fanworks for fandoms that include magic, such as fantasy ones; in Magic AUs for fandoms that do not include magic in canon; and is present in various canons. (The Anita Blake and the Merry Gentry series by Laurell K. Hamilton may suffer from an excess of sex magic.[1])

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  1. ^ Did the Witches of Mayfair series by A. Rice have sex magic? (I don't remember, but imagine they must have?)