The Sex Magick Challenge

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Name: The Sex Magick Challenge
Date(s): 07 February 2009
Founder: saucery
Type: tropes & genres
Fandom: Merlin
URL: The Sex Magick Challenge (LiveJournal)

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The Sex Magick Challenge is a challenge in Merlin fandom with the goal to produce as many stories, pictures and fanvids as possible featuring sex magic.


Challenge definition of sex magic:

"For the purposes of this challenge, "sex magic" is defined not only as magic deliberately configured with sexual purposes in mind, but also any other kind of magic that can lead to more creative sex (or just more of it, creative or not). Basically, any magic that is used in a sexual capacity, either deliberately or accidentally, qualifies as "sex magic" - as does any magic that leads directly to sex, even if it isn't used in the sex act itself. (For example, a love potion or a whiff of sex pollen still qualifies as "sex magic," even if neither substance changes the technicalities of the sex act itself.)"[1]


VID: Need by newkidfan, Arthur/Merlin (Magic!Eyefucking?). It's all about the longing and the lust.

ART: Want by newkidfan, Arthur/Merlin (Lucid Dreaming). shinetheway wrote a companion fic for this piece of fanart, Wild Magic.

FIC: Ribbons by doomcanary, Arthur/Merlin/Gwen threesome&kink (Animation) Arthur's a naughty boy. Merlin likes pretty ribbons, and knowing who's boss. Gwen just likes it.

FIC: Punishment by feathergirl89, Possession, Arthur/Merlin (Telekinesis). When Merlin finds Arthur flirting shamelessly with yet another visiting princess, he decides that Arthur needs a little lesson in self-control. What better way to teach him that than to tie him up? (Using magic, of course. Yay, bondage!)

FIC: Amore Amour by feathergirl89, Arthur/Merlin, Arthur/Armour (Animation).In trying to improve Arthur's chances of surviving a near-impossible match, Merlin magicks certain, uh, "special abilities" into Arthur's armour. Since Merlin himself has the mad hots for Arthur, the sentience he imbues on the armour does, too...

FIC: All The Memories From Before by roryevans, Arthur/Merlin (Telepathy) Merlin has to leave Camelot to avoid being suspected of being a sorcerer. Mind!sex ensues.

FIC: Purity of the Heart by starryfif2, Arthur/Merlin, (Magic!Bondage). We all know that Merlin could touch the Unicorn. In a lot of cultures, virginity gives power. What if Merlin found out that if he gave into Arthur, he'd lose what power he had? Would he choose love over power and become helpless when Arthur needed him most?

FIC: Merlin Meets Nessie, It's Messy by belenustenebrae, Loch Ness Monster/Merlin (Telepathy, Hormokinesis).

FIC: Double the Fun by moeshas, Arthur/Merlin (Duplication). Merlin shows Arthur how fun Magic can be...

FIC: Chains by claire_debonair, Merlin/Arthur. Another day, another magical entity bent on killing at least one of the Pendragons, and Arthur finally oversteps the mark.

FIC: Use of Abuse by dh_chan, Edwin/Merlin. Abuse of magical powers. Not always an entirely bad thing.

FIC: Quiver by dh_chan, Merlin/Arthur. There's a considerable distance between Arthur's chambers and Merlin's bedroom. But it would seem that's not too much of a problem.

FIC: Pretty Pet Prince by dh_chan, Nimueh/Arthur/Merlin (Possession). Nimueh has a good idea on how to get what she wants.

FIC: Withdrawal by mithrel, Arthur/Merlin (Addiction Inducing). Arthur finds himself obsessed with Merlin, and he doesn’t know why.


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