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Name: Saucery
Alias(es): switchknife
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Merlin (BBC), Star Trek AOS, Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Harry Potter, etc.
URL: on AO3

on Tumblr

on LiveJournal (no longer updated)
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Saucery has written fanfic and meta in many fandoms. As of 2013, they[1] were one of the most popular Derek/Stiles fan writers.

In 2013, several of Saucery's stories were deleted so that they could be sold as original fic, although at least some of them were later reposted.[2]

In 2014, Saucery announced that they had previously been involved in Harry Potter fandom as switchknife (a link which previously had not been public), and that fics they had written as switchknife would be reposted to Saucery's AO3.[3]

As of 2019 they had over 400 fanworks hosted on the AO3. On March 10, 2020, they posted a notice on their AO3 account titled "Proof of Account Ownership for Wayback Machine Takedown" requesting that all their AO3 fanworks that were archived by the Wayback Machine be taken down. At that time, they had already deleted all of their fics from AO3.

Notable Works


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  2. ^ Some of these were found online in October after having been deleted in January: Deletion of stories pending publication. Posted to Tumblr 1 January 2013. See also this 4 October 2013 Tumblr post. [Dead link]
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