Summer Country

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Title: Summer Country
Author(s): seperis
Date(s): 19 January 2009
Length: 6,400 words
Genre(s): slash fanfiction
Fandom(s): Merlin
External Links: Summer Country (AO3)
Summer Country (Livejournal)

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Summer Country is a Merlin/Arthur story by seperis (~6,400 words).

Summary: He's always known Arthur would break his heart, one way or another.

A heatwave wrecks the land and only sex magic can bring on the rain. First time story.


um. heatwave porn? my favorite part is the one paragraph of implied Gwen/Morgana, actually."[1]

The dialogue was perfect--funny in just the right places (I should have known you'd accept nothing less than all my kingdom. It's a wonder I didn't think of it before) and serious in all the right places ("And now you don't trust me?" and the whole concept of Arthur-as-Camelot, Arthur-as-the-land gave me goosepimples. It was simply, outstandingly good."[2]

I love the awe-inspiringness of the Earth magic, and how it recognizes Arthur as the king who will accept it, through Merlin."[3]

I love the allusion to the Pendragons' "Roman origin", which ties in so well with the real life theories of the character of Arthur Pendragon being based on a Romano-British Cavalry Officer ("Pen" in Welsh = "Head", so "Pen Dragon" = "Head of the Dragon" ie "Head of the Legion")"[4]

This was truly a joy to read. The flow of the story was almost surreal, hypnotic and truly erotic. It was like reading a piece of literature, reminiscent of the legends almost rather than the show, but with the characters from the show slotting in with seemingly effortless ease. Reading this was like being seduced. Seduced by the land and by the magic, moonlight, and of times long gone."[5]

lyrical beautiful and still funny in the Merlin Arthur fashion[6]


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