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The Magical Healing Cock is a story element where a physically and/or psychologically battered character finds physical or psychological healing in sex.

Some fans use the term only as a pejorative, and consider the use of the trope a sign of badfic. One derided instance is when a story features a character who requires receptive penetrative sex as part of their rape recovery. Another is ICU!sex, or any other setting where one character is gravely injured and seems to improve after sex.

Other fans embrace the trope as a fantasy device or a kind of wish-fulfillment and use it knowingly, or seek it out as a fic kink.

In the Supernatural Hurt/Comfort story, The Bright Lights of Disturbia, Sam can be seen as embodying the healing cock trope, as he sets out to fix his brother Dean, who has been traumatized by sexual assaults, in part by maintaining a sexual relationship. He gradually comes to realize the naïveté of his plan and embarks on a slightly more realistic approach. In this way the story manages to use the trope for its emotional resonances with readers, while at the same time, exposes it as a fantasy.[1]

In Stargate Atlantis fandom, authors have at least twice subverted the genre by writing stories in which one of the character's cocks quite literally becomes a tool for medical healing.[2] [3]


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  3. In the 2011 SGA story The One with the Healing Cock by trophic (originally anonymous), John Sheppard's semen (which must be directly applied to any mucous membrane of the injured person to be effective) has medical healing powers.