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Name: Cori Falls
Alias(es): Queen of Rocketshipping
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh
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Cori Falls was a Pokémon fanfic author from the early 2000s. She was infamous among many circles due to her extreme views on the anime; her favorite characters were the villainous trio of Jessie, James, and Meowth, and she was a die-hard Rocketshipper. She had a long, intricately-planned Verse that was essentially an Alternate Universe, which swapped the roles of hero and villain between the protagonists and the antagonists.

Fandom Presence

Cori Falls got her start around 2000 when she saw an episode of Pokemon and instantly fell in love with the Team Rocket Trio. When her search for Team Rocket fanworks did not satisfy her need, she began to write her own stories and soon became prolific among the Rocketshipping fandom. She had many admirers and loyal fans who loved her work, and her fics won many awards during her heyday in the Team Rocket fandom. She had a group of friends who helped her manage her site, co-write her stories and add their own to her 'verse, and made banners for her website as well as many fanart contributions. Cori was highly loyal and appreciative of her friends and fans in return.

However, Cori was also incredibly sensitive and hyper-emotional. She was so attached to her views and ideas of what the show and characters should be that she took anything different as a personal attack, even if it was in the canon of the show. She didn't take criticism well at all, no matter how polite or civil the person was in giving it to her,[1] and only ever accepted suggestions or advice from her close friends.

She was easily upset by Darkfic in which her favorite characters suffered and died, to the point of accusing the authors who wrote such things of not being true fans [2]. She admitted in her biography[3] that a good chunk of her stories were Therapyfic written in response to things that upset her, mainly other fics. She was also very protective of her OTP to the point where she ranted at length about how she resented other fans for breaking them up, especially for same-sex couples.[4] It was this attitude that won her her infamy among other fans.

After announcing she had planned to write a Harry Potter fic after the end of the series, she disappeared, leaving the story unwritten and unpublished. Rumor has it that she has calmed down considerably since her early days in fandom. These days she is remembered with as much awe as she is derision; while her stories did not age well with some fans, others admire her dedication to her craft. Some Rocketshippers, regardless of how they feel about her work now, have admitted to having a nostalgic place in their hearts for her earlier work due to it being among the first Rocketshippy fanfic they read as young fans.


Cori made no secret of her hatred for the main characters, especially Ash Ketchum. In the beginning, her stories were more or less in-character with the trio understandably irritated by "the Twerps" foiling their plans, but this quickly devolved into Ash and his friends being outright horrible people who delighted in the misery of Jessie and James. Ash especially suffered severe character derailment, with Cori eventually writing him as a psychotic, abusive hellion instead of the reckless and hot-blooded but caring boy he was in the show. As for Jessie and James themselves, James became a gallant knight in shining armor while Jessie became a weeping damsel in distress. Eventually they became little more than bland OCs who bore little resemblance to their canon counterparts.

Cori's main focus was the relationship between Jessie and James, who she shipped heavily and was convinced were a real couple in the series. This belief was furthered by the end of the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga, where the two were shown married and Jessie pregnant. Her early stories tried to rationalize their canon behavior through their backstories and her imagined reasons why Jessie was so mean and James so childish, or why they would fight, though this proved to be so difficult that Cori eventually got fed up and went completely AU. It was the stories written at this point that earned her her infamy among readers, even the ones who had originally liked her work.

Her stories spanned a fully-developed timeline detailing Jessie and James's childhoods, background information on their ancestors, their later years, marriage, parenthood and grandparenthood.


She left Pokemon fandom and moved to Yu-Gi-Oh in the mid-2000s. This time, she did not bother to try to follow canon to the letter and stuck to her own ideas from the beginning, though this did not stop her taking potshots at canon events she didn't like.

Her favorite character was Rex Raptor/Dinosaur Ryuzaki, a minor character whom she fleshed out with a huge backstory and eventually created an OC love interest for, while her partner Shigeru1313 (who had also helped with a chunk of her Pokemon 'verse) specialized in Joey/Mai stories. Her hated characters seemed to shift unlike in Pokemon; she bashed Weevil/Insector Haga before writing a redemption story for him, and then did the same for Duke Devlin. She eventually created her own character to serve as the straw antagonist, who was implied to be based on Tracey Sketchit, Cori's second most hated Pokemon character.

Sadly, the majority of her Yu-Gi-Oh website, fanworks included, has been lost to the ether.


Back when Cori accepted fanfic submissions, she came into conflict with another Rocketshipper, MysticVaporeon. Mystic had misunderstood Cori's guidelines; Cori did not accept tragic stories, but Mystic's fic "Memories of Tears" had Jessie reunite with the long-dead James in heaven at the end, which Mystic assumed was a happy enough ending. Unfortunately, "Memories" upset Cori so badly she ended up writing two fics based on it: one a continuation set in her 'verse where Mystic's story was just a nightmare Jessie had, and another AU that brought the dead James back to life with the power of love. In the author's notes for both fics, she complained heavily about feeling "betrayed" by Mystic and "couldn't forgive her" for personal reasons. Naturally, when Mystic found out about the fics and the author's notes, she was deeply upset by Cori's anger and felt plagiarized by her actions, especially by the second fic. Cori's reputation took a beating due to this scuffle.

She also publicly insulted an author named Anna Sartin for writing an epic darkfic in which Giovanni tested an experimental drug on James, turning him into a violent and twisted creature. Anna's story, The Dark Side of Innocence had been extremely popular and well-received by the fandom, and while Cori was rather polite in her negative review of the story [5], she reportedly spoke very angrily of the author elsewhere.

She ended up leaving due to disagreeing with their policies and feeling overpowered by the amount of fanfic that offended or upset her. [6]



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