So That I Might Be Where You Are

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Title: So That I Might Be Where You Are
Author(s): cherrybina
Date(s): 02 July 2009
Length: 14,000 words
Genre(s): slash fanfiction
Fandom(s): Merlin
External Links: So That I Might Be Where You Are (Livejournal)
So That I Might Be Where You Are (AO3)

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So That I Might Be Where You Are is Merlin/Arthur story by cherrybina (~14,000 words). The story is dedicated to derryere.

Summary: When a spell goes wrong, Merlin and Arthur are linked together in an unusual way, which leads to lots and lots of UST.[1]

The story features accidental sex magic that results in Arthur feeling it every time when Merlin touches himself.

Recs and Reviews

  • "This was totally the best Merlin fucks up a spell which then results, eventually, in him and Arthur having sex fic EVER. I usually roll my eyes a little over the "magic made them do it" thing (even tho I still read AND enjoy, so why I be so dismissive?), but this one. THIS ONE. Was REALLY SUPER CLEVER, and SEXY and FANTASTICALLY SUBTLY METAPHORICAL. AND THE UST. You almost killed me there. for a second. You do realize though, that this will be a new trope. This particular spell hiccup, I swear to god, will spread almost immediately to every fandom that involves magic and gay sex in any way. But don't worry, I will always remember back when it was new and fresh and perfect, and done properly."[2]
  • "This is so freaking FANTASTIC! Seriously, the way you built the UST throughout the entire fic was unparalalled to anything I've ever read before and ZOMG, the schedule! Of course Arthur would make a schedule! I absolutely love this, it's so genius."[3]
  • "The thought alone of Merlin pleasuring himself is mindmeltingly hot to me and from there follows the exquisite torture of UST upon UST that keeps building and building, until they can't take it anymore and things just get completely out of hand, which turns out to be the solution. With a bonus satisfying ending on top of the first one."[4]


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