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Name: Fleur
Alias(es): spintwin, stoptocheer
Type: fan writer, roleplayer
Fandoms: Harry Potter, The X-Files, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Coronation Street, NZ Cricket RPS, NSYNC, Harry Potter RPF, others
URL: spintwin at FanFiction.Net
spintwin at FictionAlley
Fleur's Fanfiction at breaksforquidditch.net (Wayback capture)
stoptocheer on LiveJournal (deleted; Wayback capture)
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Fleur, also known as spintwin and stoptocheer, is a fanfiction author.

Her Harry Potter stories are hosted at FanFiction.Net and FictionAlley under the penname "spintwin". Some stories were also posted to smaller archives including Sublime and Harry Potter Rareslash Archive.

Fleur was a participant in the lumosnox RPG on LiveJournal, where she played the character Oliver Wood. She and Mireille (who played Marcus Flint) left lumosnox in March 2003 but continued RPing together. They started a separate website for their Marcus/Oliver logs called Forever, with Breaks for Quidditch.

Fleur and Mireille co-owned breaksforquidditch.net from circa 2003 to 2005, where they both hosted author pages as well as their RP logs.

Notable Fanworks