Post Hanson Concert Depression

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Post Hanson Concert Depression is a term that refers to the feeling of returning to "reality" after a Hanson concert. This is not a unique phenomenon to this fandom, but the term PHCD is well known with the fandom.

This tweet from 2011 does not use the exact term, but clearly carries the same meaning:

going through PCDD- Post-concert Depression Disorder #FansonProblem[1]

It is unclear when the term became common in its current form, but by 2013 it was well known and continues to be commonly used:

Post Hanson Concert Depression should be in the DSMV. #FansonProblems [2]
I've heard people refer to it as PHCD—Post Hanson Concert Depression. Call it what you want, but the only cure I know is already having the next show planned before you reach the “last,” and of course, it’s temporary. The only real treatment is to never stop going, always outrun the "last" show.[3]
Currently, I am in the throws of PHCD the likes of which I have never experienced. I am always prepared for certain songs to throw me back into the moment with violent force that catches me off guard at times. This time, however, I am missing the people even more than the music. Just talking to certain people makes me emotional to the point that I’m currently numb. I had to become numb so I wouldn’t cry.[4]


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