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Fans sometimes design their own versions of cover art for pro novels. This may be inspired by their reaction to the official cover(s). Bookcover design may be proposed as a challenge, in which case it may be a fan contest with a winner selected from the submissions. Book covers can similarly be designed for books that don't actually exist (for example, imaginary books written by or about characters).

Fannish Bookcover Challenges

Other Fannish Bookcovers

Examples of Fannish Bookcovers

Stephanie Babbitt's cover for "Alone on the Edge by Nicholas B. Girard". Winner of the Forever Knight Bookcover Contest.
Jennifer Rayburn's cover for "Anatomy of a Vampire: Exploring the Realm of the Vampire Cell by Natalie Lambert M.D.", drawn for the Forever Knight Bookcover Contest.
my_cnnr's cover for Fire from Heaven.
One of Greer Watson's covers for Fire from Heaven.

idrilka's cover for "Captain America: Behind the Mask (by Lynn E. Anderson)", cited in "tin soldiers".
idrilka's cover for "Taking Up the S.H.I.E.L.D.: Peggy Carter and the Post-War Era (by Kajal Singh)", cited in "tin soldiers".