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Title: Still-Heart
Author(s): Sleeps With Coyotes
Date(s): 29 July 1999[1]
Length: 65,000 words, 381 KB
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: Highlander
External Links: Still-Heart (Wayback link)
cover by X

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Still-Heart is a Duncan/Methos story by Sleeps With Coyotes (65,000 words). It takes place a few months after Not To Be, the last episode of the series. The story was widely recced in fandom. The cover art is by X and was presented in the story header of the version archived at Blood, Love & Rhetoric, the author's old website (now defunct).

Summary: When the memory isn't the only thing that returns from Methos' past, it may not be enough to keep those he cares about alive.

Recs and Reviews

"A long and very satisfying Highlander slash (Duncan/Methos) story. Her Methos is spot on and she develops a past for the Old Man that explains not only why he doesn't remember his time before taking his first head, but also how he became one of the Horsemen. Picking up just months after the end of the TV series, Methos is actively avoiding MacLeod as he's come to realize that what he wants from the Highlander isn't what he's going to get. However, he can't just leave, as he feels MacLeod still has need of his protection. Meanwhile, Methos starts having strange dreams about ancient Egypt... and before too long, the past comes crashing back into his life when an ancient enemy that is more than Immortal kills a bloody swath through Immortals and Watchers alike on a straight path towards Methos and Macleod. *Sigh* I love this story and have read it many, many times."[2]
"Methos is so old he can't remember exactly how old he is. What would happen if he did start to remember? What would his life have been like before he became an immortal? This story is so beautiful and it has an amazing past cooked up for Methos. There is a reason he begins to remember when he does and it is stunning."[3]
"If the idea of Methos Torture is abhorrent to you, run away! Seriously, Methos fans will love this story which moves smoothly between ancient Egypt and the present day. Beautiful and frightening imagery abounds, as Methos learns just why he's forgotten his first death. And if all of that wasn't enough, "Still-Heart" is also a lovely Duncan/Methos first-time."[4]
"One of my favorite authors in both Highlander and X-Files. Her style is never less than elegant, her characterizations are compelling, and she has a wonderful habit of writing long stories in a short amount of time. [...] Still-Heart features ancient demons, Egyptian priests, well-done horror, a fascinating Methos... Lovely. My only quibble is that Ladonna goes slightly overboard on the mythical front towards the end, but I honestly think that's just me."[5]
"For all of you who like to read slash stories, especially when they have also a good and thrilling plot, I just would like to strongly recommend Ladonna Kings wonderful story "Still Heart", which is now up on Seventh Dimension. I've read the story some time before at Ladonnas site and was stunned. This is also a Methos-Duncan reconciliation story set after Not To Be, dealing with the unresolved friendship between them after the mess of the Horsemen, Byron and MacLeods year of absence. Also it has a thrilling trip into Methos memory, the very first ones long *before* the Horsemen. And we learn something about his lost memories... After reading lots and lots of stories of Methos having a horrifying childhood of abusal (well, the idea is good but not exactly new) I was delighted to find Ladonna taking a completely different approach here. And there is some real heavy magic, more than the characters like to meet... I think it is absolutely great. Brilliant piece of fanfic. I can highly recommend it.[6]


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