The Challenges of Everyday Life

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Title: The Challenges of Everyday Life
Author(s): Orithain
Date(s): January 1999 or before - January 2001
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: The Challenges of Everyday Life: Birthday Wishes (TER/MA, link to next part at the bottom)
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The Challenges of Everyday Life is a Mulder/Krycek series by Orithain.


Picture by X, July 1999 challenge. See 14. Change of Venue.

1. Birthday Wishes ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (16K) 01-24-99 Mulder gives Krycek what he really wants for his birthday. A birthday present for Rowanne using a first time and a naughty Alex.

2. Skirting the Issue ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (12K) Jan. 99 Mulder runs into Krycek in a bar Response to the TER/MA January 1999 drag challenge.

3. Hero Worship ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (15K) 02-15-99 Fox and Alex get to know each other a little better. Response to the TER/MA February 1999 hero challenge. Takes place the morning after Skirting the Issue.

4. Boys and Their Toys ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (17K) 04-21-99 Alex gets bored. Poor Fox. Response to the TER/MA March/April 1999 toy challenge.

5. Phone Home ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (10K) Oct. 98 Mulder, Krycek, and a phone booth. Response to the Infernale phone booth challenge.

6. From the Heart ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (12K) 08-27-99 What happens when they say, "I love you"? Response to the Infernale I love you challenge.

7. Overdrawn ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (9K) Oct. 98 Mulder and Krycek stop at an ATM Response to the Infernale ATM challenge.

8. Giving Thanks ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (35K) Nov. 98 Thanksgiving dinner M/K style.

9. Claimed ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (18K) 08-22-99 Alex decides to get a tattoo. Response to Infernale tattoo challenge.

10. Classified ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (20K) 06-22-99 An ad in the Personals catches Alex's eye. Response to the TER/MA June 1999 personals challenge.

11. Domesticated? ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (20K) 01-23-99 Alex gets a new image. Response to Infernale new image for Alex challenge.

12. Monopoly ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (19K) 02-26-99 New rules for Monopoly. Response to the Infernale game challenge.

13. Reach out and Touch Someone ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (12K) May 99 Mulder had to go out of town on a case, but he doesn't want Alex to feel forgotten. Response to Infernale phone sex challenge.

14. Change of Venue ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (31K) 08-19-99 Not even finding a house is easy for Mulder and Krycek. Response to the TER/MA July 1999 challenge. Picture by X.

15. Drowned Rat ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (16K) 03-18-00 Alex. Fox. A rainy day in the orchard. A wet T-shirt. Use your imagination. Response to the March 2000 RatB challenge. Click on thumbnail for full-size view of the cover created by the Theban Band.

16. Keep the Home Fires Burning ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (20K) 03-25-00 A romantic moment in front of the fireplace... or is it?

17. Sowing Seeds ~ M/K, Adult-graphic (11K) 01-31-01 Sarah convinces the boys that the kitchen garden should be replanted. Response to the Infernale garden challenge.

18: Christmas Present ~ Mulder/Krycek, Adult-graphic (9K) 12-21-03 Their own personal Ghost of Christmas Present makes the guys get into the spirit of the season.

Recs and Reviews

Ok, I was on a list and someone asked for recs of non-angsty, happily ever after M/K stories.?! (picture me trying to stifle a choked guffaw, here) What the hell could I rec to them? This story was the only one I could think of that even came close to that and there is some angst here, but the boys do end up happy. It was the only one rec'd. Guess no one else could come any closer than I did. Angst is pretty much a requirement for M/K I have found and I always liked it that way. The person who requested these recs also asked why there is so much conflict and angst in M/K stories. I said 'oh, couldn't have anything to do with Alex killing Mulder's father could it?' That seems to require some getting over and angst ensues. I was wondering if this person watched the show at all and why they read M/K and complained about angst. If you don't like that you are in the wrong fandom. This series is lower on the angst level, though not completely free of it. The boys are totally hot and gone for one another, if that is what you are interested in look no further. The series gets it name, because each story is based on story challenges made on mailing lists and such to write a story with some specific thing(s) involved. Each one tells you which challenge she answered, you'll figure out what the specifics of each challenge were as you read the stories.[1]


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