Breathless & Solidarity

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Title: Breathless & Solidarity
Author(s): Sleeps With Coyotes
Date(s): 30 September 1999[1]
Length: 126,000 words
Genre: slash fanfiction
Fandom: The X-Files
External Links: Breathless I, II and missing scenes (1/2)
Breathless I, II and missing scenes (2/2) (The Basement)

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Breathless is a Mulder/Krycek story by Sleeps with Coyotes (31,400 words). The sequel is Solidarity (91,000 words). The Basement archives both Breathless and Solidarity as two parts of one story and includes the four missing scenes from Solidarity (Room Service, Ropes and Ties, Death of a Cliche, and Boyfriend). The novel starts a month or two after the events of the first movie.

Author summary[2]: Breathless - While Mulder investigates an X-File, Krycek tracks down a runner - but when the two collide, can Mulder and Krycek work through the past and learn to work together? Solidarity - Krycek ditches Mulder to take an assignment that lands him in the center of the game, but when Mulder is asked to assist a profiler in the same area, the trail leads him into the mountains towards a terrifying secret...

Summaries from The Basement: "An X-File to be investigated for Mulder, while Krycek is tracking down a runner--conspiracies within conspiracies, and ancient history is explained." / "Weird killers, mad scientists, and Krycek re-enters the game."

Solidarity won the 1999 Lisa e Krysa Awards in the category "Best Novel".

Agents Creed & Kyler from Solidarity are mentioned as examples of good OCs in the essay In Defense Of Original Characters.[3]

Recs and Reviews

"Breathless, Part 2 by [Sleeps With Coyotes] is sublime, read it and believe that these two men could love each other despite the mistrust."[4]
"Krycek/Mulder. Case-file. Mytharch. [...] note: Creed and Kyler who appear in Solidarity are damn cool, as is the alien. *nods*"[2]
"Mytharc continuations, and differing types of Oiliens, and aliens, and profiles, and shifting alliances, and all the Ratboy you could want."[5]
"Can't have an X-Files Rec list without her. Breathless and Solidarity are huge and fantastic M/K."[6] - "I just have to agree that Breathless and Solidarity are just so wonderful! Especially Solidarity - not only does it make the M/K storyline believeable, but the plot fits in so well with canon that CC ought to consider this for the next movie. There are times in the last third of the story, in particular, when I'm so pulled into the story that I could forget where I am - the setting and the suspense are extraordinary!"[7]
People are being turned into mindless puppets, and Mulder and Scully try to find the puppetmaster. Mulder/Krycek ****[8]
These two are a two-parters. An X file, a bird-man, two very lonely souls and one doomed struggle against power that be... Krycek is a fighter and Mulder believes... plenty of little heartbreaks and contended sighs. [9]

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