Stolen Light

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Title: Stolen Light
Author(s): Kassandra
Cover Artist(s):
Series?: no
Medium: netfic, print zine
Fandom: Star Wars: TPM
Language: English
External Links: Stolen Light (The Phantom Menace Lair of Kass and Kate)
SWPM StolenLight.JPG
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Stolen Light is a slash Star Wars: TPM novel by Kassandra. The story was archived at The Phantom Menace Lair of Kass and Kate and available in txt and zip format. It was later published as a zine.

Author's summary: Years after the events in The Phantom Menace, a young man must face a past that is, and is not, his own. (NOVEL, A/U, Q/O, O/O, NC-17)

Recs and Reviews

This is an Alternate Universe story but is so beautiful that I fell madly in love with the main character. But it'll never work: I'm married, he's a fictional character, and besides - he belongs to someone else! (NC-17) [1]
From Raonaid's Home Page:
'Stolen Light' by Kassandra - This is a post-TPM story that just blew me away. After I had re-read it for the 12th time, I decided it needed its own link. {grin}[2]


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