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Fraser/Kowalski Fanfiction
Title: Busted
Author(s): Anonymous co
Genre: slash
Fandom: due South
External Links: online here

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Busted is a Fraser/Kowalski story by Anonymous co.

It has a sequel called Tapestry.

Reactions and Reviews

It's long. Very long *g* -- post CotW story, and although I'm not overly fond of hurt/comfort because it so easily warps the characterization, I ended up smiling at this one. Of all the similar scenarios I've come across, this one is the only one that holds all the way through. The characterization slips every once in a while, but it's nothing majorly annoying IMO, it's hard to keep it tight for such a long story. But it's got a plot, a good one and just the right amount of angst. A few loose ends, but nothing that *really* bothers me. [1]
["Busted" and "Tapestry"]: The love I have for these two stories knows no bounds. After Call of the Wild (CotW, the series finale of Due South) and the subsequent adventure, Ray returns to Chicago while Fraser remains in Canada. Suddenly Ray shows up at Fraser's door covered in surgical scars, weak as a kitten, and carrying everything important to him. Fraser takes him in and helps him heal while they both try to figure out exactly what happened when Ray was shot. Oh, and they fall in love:)

In Tapestry, Fraser and Ray are continuing to develop their relationship when an unexpected visitor shows up at their door: Ray Vecchio. I'm not usually a fan of Vecchio in F/K fanon (it's one of those few cases where the canon character is actually much nicer than the fanon character), but anonymous co does a brilliant job of showing us a flawed, but fundamentally decent man dealing with circumstances waaay outside his comfort zone. As Ray K points out, Ray V is Fraser's best friend and Fraser wouldn't be that close to someone who wasn't a good guy.

Full of angst and love, but most of all, full of deliciously sweet hurt/comfort, these two stories are worth reading again and again. [2]
"Busted" and its sequel "Tapestry" are two of my favourite Due South stories that I re-read often with enjoyment. I think the Ray Kowalski voice in thse stories is briliantly captured and Kassandra is one of my favourite writers. She is very talented and her prose has a vigour and life that practically jumps off the page. Whenever I read one her stories I usually find I can't put it down until I've finished - she just keeps me enthralled until the very end. Kassandra's fiction can be found under the name 'Anonymous co' on the main Due South archive. This is a long, sweet story set in Owlcreek, Fraser's new post, and it beautifully captures small town atmosphere. [3]
Note: I was browsing the Due South Fiction Archive for new stuff today, when I found links for these two stories posted. [4] They are posted with the name 'anonymous co' listed as the writer. I have no fucking idea why since anyone who sees them and has read them before will know they are by Kassandra. Still, there is a web copy of them out there on the web now. Her Choices series, though I think it's being called the Crossing the Line series now, is posted there too. Look under that same name 'anonymous co'. Yes, another new DS rec, not exactly a new one, these stories came out a while ago. I wasn't sure I was going to rec them for quite a while and by the time I decided she had taken them off the DS archive. I just got the addy for her site with Kass' DS fiction today. So I worked up a rec as soon as possible. I've rambled enough and your wondering why you should read this story. In other words, get on with the rec. Here is the reason why. This is absolutely the best RayK characterization you will ever find. I mean this is so RayK right there on the page. She just so completely nailed him. In fact she got him down so well Fraser's characterization is colored with Ray a little. That was why I was hesitant to rec it at first, Fraser just seemed a little to like Ray, but then I decided it didn't really matter. These stories serve as some of the best examples of Ray K characterization out there. This is the way to write him. I don't necessarily think he is quite so much of a bottom personality, but that is subjective and really up to the writer or the readers taste. I like more of a balance. Kass comes heavily from the Mulder/Skinner side of the X-files force, so I could see it coming. She has written some really good Mulder/Krycek stuff too, though. It is highly touted. I'm an M/K girl all the way, one true pairing kindof gal usually. Well, when it comes to DS Kass says she is too. Likes RayV, just not with Frase. Thinks Fraser/Kowalski is it in this fandom. I can get behind that. You just have to read these stories for the characterization of RayK alone, the plot is really good, and the sex pretty hot too. Didn't think those would be missing did you. If you thought Denise Raymond channeled the boys in All the comforts of home, you haven't seen anything. Like I said she got so into RayK, it affected how she wrote Fraser. It can be overlooked though. She also missed the mark on why Fraser does the "Ray, Ray, Ray, RAY!" thing. She just didn't get that. Both stories are really long, so prepare for long reads. I have Rain to thank for reminding me of these stories. I'm glad I found the web addy so I could finally rec them. [5]
My favorite due South story of all (and its sequel). This is a long, engrossing post-Call of the Wild story. Fraser's gone back to Canada and Ray to Chicago, but a serious injury in the line of duty inspires Ray to head to Canada to seek Fraser out and tell him how he really feels.

Busted is a "first time" story but the "first time" happens early on, and there's lots of wonderful relationship development. It's incredibly romantic without ever becoming sappy. The Ray K voice (it's written from his first person POV) is superb, and I adore this vulnerable-but-not-wimpy Ray. For me the story has the absolute perfect balance of sweetness, a bit of angst, smut, and hurt/comfort. Some find it heavy on the h/c, but I think it's just right - enough to bring the guys together but not so much that the hurt one comes across as weak or wimpy.

The sequel, Tapestry, is equally wonderful, if slightly less compelling. True, the appearance of Ray Vecchio in Canada is a bit far-fetched, but I had no trouble suspending disbelief, and it's nice to see a Ray K fic that portrays Ray V so nicely.

These fics never fail to remind me why I fell in love with slash in general, and due South in particular. [6]
Kass writes AlphaFraser, SmartAssRay and scorching sex. And *ducking* if you want to find her stuff, you'll have to do some digging on your own. (It's worth the effort). [7]


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