Out of the Dark

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Title: Out of the Dark
Author(s): Kassandra
Cover Artist(s): K9
Date(s): 1997 (online); April 2000 (fanzine)
Medium: print
Fandom: X-Files
Language: English
External Links: online version at the Annex novel archive
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front cover by Lyrade

Out of the Dark is a 247 page BDSM slash X-Files novel by Kassandra with a color cover by Lyrade.

The story was written in 1997 and posted in parts in 1997 and 1998. In 2000, Agent With Style released the story in fanzine format.

In 2000, the author posted the following to alt.tv.x-files.creative:
"As I was just accused of having cribbed from both Diana Williams and Xanthe, I would like to publicly state that Out of the Dark, although only recently 'zined, was written and posted in late 1997 and very early 1998. My last gen piece was the finale of the Complicated Shadows trilogy, Deus Ex Machina, and shortly after that, having worked on Out of the Dark at the same time as Playing For Keeps, I put Out of the Dark up on a Kassandra web page."[1]


The author's online summary:
Summary: How far will a man go to escape the inside of his own head? When Frohike sends Mulder to a vacation on a sexual Fantasy Island, he finds himself falling under the spell of Alex Hoffman. Ultimately, Hoffman's obsession with Mulder leads him to danger, from which Skinner must help him escape.
From a distributor, Agent With Style:
Mulder visits an island paradise where his every sexual fantasy is supposed to be granted. But something goes wrong. One of the owners falls for him--hard--and wants to make Mulder his own plaything. So he begins to train Mulder to be his slave, to crave the S&M games he plays, and works his will upon Mulder unbeknownst to the FBI agent. As a former profiler, Mulder should have recognized what was happening, but he is too close, too involved. When the second owner of the island realizes what has happened, he takes steps to break up the relationship. But the only way he can think to do so is to find Mulder a new master, one that will take him over and not leave him open and available to the sharks out there just waiting for a chance at the now-vulnerable man. And the only master he knows who can fill the role is... Skinner.


"What about "Out of the Dark" by Kassandra, it is a long slash story and the scenes between Mulder and Skinner are Hot!! This is definatly one of those that blew me away."[2]
Out of the Dark by Kassandra ends with lovely M/Sk sex, but Mulder suffers at the hands of a cast of characters first. [3]
"If you like slash and haven't already read Kassandra's Christmas series or her "Out of the Dark" novel, I recommend them. Great stuff. Warning though - "Out of the Dark" contains some Mulder-torture which some find tough.[4]
[The first slash I ever read] may have been OUT OF THE DARK. I remember that it was something good and it swept me away. Which would certainly describe anything by Kassandra. [5]
Wonderful, dark novel about obsession and need, sex and love.[6]


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