The Ring

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Title: The Ring
Author(s): Rebecca Eisenhuth
Date(s): 1970s?
Genre: gen
Fandom: Space:1999
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The Ring is a Space: 1999 story by Bonnie Yoman.

Reactions and Reviews

Michelle's mechanical heart has been showing signs of strain and rejection and Helena feared it would require more surgery, John decides to give Helena a new ring to wear after he is constantly reminded of Lee Russel seeing Helena's old wedding ring. Bob Mathias, Tony, Maya, Ben Vincent appear, Helena takes walks to Main Mission, now deserted. Steven James Aldens, 27 year old Eagle pilot and three others died in a meteor shower on an exploratory mission. He and his newly wed wife Marilyn, a lab technician, were married four months. Two months later Marilyn killed herself. Joanna Fischer was her roommate. Mentioned: Koenig's wife Jean, Lee Russell, the Alpha movie theatre. Bob is mentioned as being the psychologist here. [1]


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