Slash Across America

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Name: Slash Across America
Date(s): 2002
Type: slash fanfiction, RPS
Fandom: Popslash
URL: Completed Stories and Claimed States (masterlist)
Completed Stories (masterlist)

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Slash Across America was a fanfiction challenge in Popslash fandom.

Someone came up with the idea that an ngay fic should be written featuring EACH state and then it kept expanding and now includes US territories and Canadian provinces. and so, it's this whole big thing.[1]

Mere and kate wrote Antarctica, which was an unofficial entry for the challenge (on the grounds that Antarctica isn't actually in America[2]). The story was probably the first penguinfic (or better: penguin not!fic).

Mere: Or they could all mysteriously turn into gay penguins and be set free in their natural habitat by well-meaning but misguided animal rights activists.
kate: <--SNORTS. GAY PENGUINS. ahahahahaha[1]

Masterlist of Completed Stories

Slash Across America mastelist.jpg

United States and territories:

Arkansas - cimorene111

California - willa

California - Schuyler

Connecticut - julitabonita

Delaware - batgrrl1975

Florida - tnl

Florida - schuyler

Georgia - aylex13

Guam - juppy

Hawaii - Sandy the Younger

Illinois - jalfred

Iowa - Allecto

Kansas - stubbleglitter

Kentucky - zoicite

Louisiana - Synchronik

Maine - cliokat

Maryland - stubbleglitter

Maryland - armylad

Massachusetts - joielee

Michigan - alexandriabrown

Minnesota - northatlantic

Mississippi - la_boheme

Missouri - nothinggold

Montana - Rhys

Nevada - cranky_girl

Nevada - Tiffany Rawlins

New Hampshire - zillah37

New Jersey - prettypinkkitty

New York - granite stone

Ohio - allen_sama

Ohio - foxmonkey

Rhode Island - afrikate

South Dakota - jae_w

Texas - armylad

Utah - silviakundera

Vermont - anneofgg

Virginia - terpsichore2001

Virginia - armylad

West Virgina - callmesandy (Sandy the older)

Wisconsin - Ceili

Wisconsin - Fraulein

Wyoming - Amber

U.S. Virgin Islands - jchalo


British Colombia:

Hope - Stubbleglitter

Vancouver - Jodi

Nova Scotia:

Sudbury - Rhys

Alberta - bitterchick


Mexico - armylad


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  2. ^ kate: AHAHAH! You know. It occurs to me. Antarctica isn't really part of the US or Canada. This story might not be eligible.
    Mere: well goddammit! are you saying my story's not eligible for this contest? challenge? thing?
    kate: You've been rejected.
    Mere: I would like to be disqualified on more amusing grounds. Dammit
    kate: Take your gay penguins elsewhere. (Antarctica, 2002)