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Name: Sandy the older
Alias(es): Sandy Keene, sandyk, k., Callmesandy
Type: fan writer
Fandoms: popslash, Sports Night, The West Wing, Buffy, Angel, NCIS, Fringe, Dawson's Creek
Other: Livejournal Dreamwidth
URL: Fic Website

On AO3 On Tumblr, accessed June 2002
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Sandy the older is a widely read author known for her work in media fandoms and popslash. Also called Sandy Keene or sometimes just k. Her popslash focused heavily on the pairing known as Lambs (Justin Timberlake/Lance Bass) and she's responsible for some of the most groundbreaking depictions of that pairing.

Called "The Older" to distinguish herself from another writer who called herself "Sandy the Younger". The two originally shared a single Livejournal and fic website, merging all of their stories together and refusing to comment as to which of them had written which fics. Eventually the two would split amicably, with Sandy the Younger setting up her own private Livejournal and removing her stories from Sandy the Older's website. They would remain friends and continue to reference each other publicly.

Other fandoms include Sports Night, The West Wing, Buffy, Angel, Dark Angel, Roswell and NCIS:LA.

Notable stories

Isle of View - an influential bodyswap fic

The Wrong Band - in which Justin Timberlake is a member of the Backstreet Boys

As Lucid as Hell - a widely imitated piece of meta