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Journal Community
Name: arrow_fic
Date(s): 20 October 2012 - present
Moderator: nina_vendredi
Founder: nina_vendredi
Type: fanfiction
Fandom: Arrow (TV)
URL: arrow_fic; archive link

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Arrow_fic is a Livejournal community dedicated to the fanfiction from the show Arrow.

As of October 2014, the community has 199 members. The community is affiliated with arrow_kinkmeme, oliverxthea, and merlynandqueen.


  • Acceptable content - anything Arrow related only
  • LJ Cuts - anything larger than 200 words
  • Posting - Fanfiction only, Should have at least Title, Rating, Pairing(s), Warnings/Spoilers, and Summary.
  • Spoilers - anything for the current season airing, until the next season airs
  • Warnings - triggers, fetishes, violence, etc
  • Ratings - G - General audiences. T - Teen. M - Mature. E - Explicit.
  • Tags - a rating, genre, and pairing
  • Acceptable Behavior - no wank, bullying, trolling, etc. No character bashing.


There are tags for the genre, ratings, and pairings. Currently below are tags that are active: