The Olicity Cookbook

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Title: The Olicity Cookbook
Date(s): 2017
Medium: Print, digital
Fandom: Arrow (TV)
Language: English
External Links: pdf of the zine; tumblr blog
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The Olicity Cookbook is a Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak cookbook. It was created as a gift for Stephen Amell and Emily Bett Rickards, who portray Oliver and Felicity respectively on Arrow. The zine was compiled in November 2017 based on submissions from other Tumblr users, and then given to the actors at the Heroes & Villains Fan Fest.

The book contains forty recipes and a small dedication to both actors. Many of the recipes also have an attached short message to the actors.

The print version was only created to be given to Stephen and Emily, though a digital version was released online in late November 2017.

Response from the actors

I gave the cookbook to Stephen on Saturday. He flipped through it and said it was really cool. He was thankful for everyone who contributed. The volunteer helping run his line also said she loved the name (Olicity) and that she wanted a copy. Haha.

I gave a copy to Emily on Sunday. Her line was really long on this day, so she wasn’t allowed to have long conversations with fans like she had been having the day before. When I gave it to her, she really liked it and started flipping through it. She said it was so cool and that it would be a hit among her friends (who were sitting at the end of the table keeping track of her gifts for her). She thanked us for it.

While I waited for my friend to have her photo signed, I talked with Carina and another of Emily’s friends for a minute. They both were looking through the cookbook, and Carina said it was one of the sweetest ideas she’d seen. I told her that even if Emily doesn’t use it, it’s still a cool representation of the people and cultures that are included within the fandom. She said, “Oh, she loves to cook. She’ll definitely use it."[1]

Carina Adly MacKenzie, a friend of Emily Bett Richards tweeted about the cookbook on November 19, 2017:

The Olicity fandom gave @EmilyBett a cookbook today with an amazing looking recipe for qatayef asafiri & now I'm starving and don't know any middle eastern restaurants in ATL. HELP[2]


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