Monsters in the Dark

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Title: Monsters in the Dark
Author(s): somethingelseornothingatall
Date(s): January 11 - 22, 2015
Length: 96,941 words (25 chapters)
Genre: Teen (rating), AU, Fantasy, Action, Romance, Angst, Humor
Fandom: Arrow
External Links: at AO3

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Monsters in the Dark is a Fantasy AU Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak fanfic by somethingelseornothingatall.


Felicity has the ability to see guardians, spirits that protect the majority of people. Some guardians talk, others don't. Oliver Queen's is a sassy, chatty beast. She starts helping Oliver, forming Team Arrow, and getting drawn into the pull that is Hurricane Oliver.

The fanfic is Fantasy AU, in which creatures that Felicity calls "guardians" (also sometimes referred to as fairies, sprites, protectors) are connected with a lot of the humans. Not all humans have one, but if they do they often represent their human's inner self - often reflecting their thoughts out loud and protecting them. Felicity can see and hear them clear as day... but she has to keep it a secret. Otherwise the dark ones will discover her secret. The Dark ones feasted on blood and death. Monsters in the Dark rewrites Season 1 with this concept - creating a new first meeting between Felicity and Oliver, creating a new version on how Felicity joins Team Arrow, and Felicity bonds with not just Oliver and Diggle, but also Tommy Merlyn and Thea Queen.

Main Characters List:

There are appearances by Moira Queen, Malcolm Merlyn, Laurel Lance, Roy Harper, Quentin Lance, and a few other Arrow Characters plus a few original characters.

Author's Notes

"I rewrote their first meeting and season 1 plot, because it's no fun to copy what's already been done verbatim. The fantasy element was strange, but my muses are weird...and dark, apparently. Despite that, this story is pretty light. No Tommy death - Walter is still kidnapped. Cursing, so if that offends you, avert your eyes. Protecting the city. And major bonding between my girl and her boy wonder."

Reception & Comments

In little less than a month, Monsters in the Dark became quite well-liked - with 311 comments, 119 bookmarks and 736 kudos at AO3[1].

"I really don't know how to tell you how much I love you. I absolutely love the world you have created here in this story. I love the guardians and everything they are and how you write the characters. Everyone is so clear and yet they are so very in character. (I'm hoping this makes sense.) It's just really excellent writing and I had to tell you that. I also love that you update so often and with multiple chapters! I'm not sure how you can do it... (god knows I can't/couldn't) but I am glad you can and do. I am obsessed with this fic right now and it's one of my favorites. Just thought I'd let you know!"[2]
"I hate you for writing this because I wish I had written it first. I recognize bit of Odd Thomas and The Golden Compass but this is completely fresh and new. It's a professional bit of writing, well thought out, and utterly intriguing. Like I said, I hate you."[3]
"This is... very interesting, but in a good way. In some ways it reminds me of daemons in the His Dark Materials books, but because this is far from the environment of a children's fantasy series written to piss off C.S. Lewis fans, it has its own vibe. This has also been one of the most enjoyable inner monologues from Felicity I've read - she's cute and pleasant and shy and awkward, but it definitely works with the whole "hearing guardians" thing."[4]
"I have just read all current chapters in 4 hours.. I delayed eating to finish reading. It is amazing. I love the universe you've created. You write so well for these characters. I completely fell in love with Oliver's guardian. He reminds me of what the comic book Oliver Queen is. More sass, less brood. Love love love this story. Can't wait for more. I love how Felicity and Oliver's guardians are all cosy together and Felicity still doesn't see how much he loves her. Sigh. Angsty goodness :)"[5]
"God! I love this story! I'm so sad it over :( will there be a possibility of a sequel? :) I like the way you write, it's so easy to imagine everything. The dragon's banter is the best and Felicity is written well, her babbling makes me laugh. I like how you developed Oliver and Felicity's relationship and <spoiler> at the end... wow. The dragon makes It better by his comments :D anyway I loved 'till the end and I would be thrilled if there would be more. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to read this great story! :)"[6]
"When I read the description I didn't think I'd like this story but it has been a refreshing comedy that I have really enjoyed."[7]
"I love the dragon. I love the whole concept of guardians, and of Oliver's being a chatty Kathy! It's new and fresh and works really well. You did a wonderful job with your concept, your writing was excellent - not too much description, not to little. Story line was exciting enough to keep interest at a peak! A very successful job! Thank you for this wonderful story, and for sharing it with us!"[8]
"Ok so I recently discovered this story about 3 or 4 days ago and I was completely reeled in. This was Seriously one of THE BEST arrow fics I've ever read. no seriously. You know how you're reading other fics and you get to some chapters and you're like this is good but then you're like ugh this is getting boring and predictable. You know? I hate when that happens but not with this story! I [loved] it! And the whole guardian thing. At first I was like eh what? But it was so oooooo good. Olivers guardian..yyes. ...but I loved it oh my gosh I loved it."[9]
"so, there’s a sorta fantasy olicity au s01 rewrite and it’s really good!!! here, give it a try! it’s awesome!"[10]
"Oh my god! That fantasy au Olicity was amazing! So beautiful!!!! My Olicity heart hurts! And my face from smiling from reading that fic!"[11]


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