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Name: John Diggle
Occupation: Bodyguard/Driver,
Brief member of the Suicide Squad,
formerly: Army special forces
Relationships: Andy Diggle (brother), Carly Diggle (former sister-in-law, ex-girlfriend), A.J. Diggle (nephew), Lyla Michaels (ex-wife, girlfriend), Sara Diggle (daughter)
Fandom: Arrow, DC Comics
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John Diggle is a main character in Arrow television series.

Canon Overview


Diggle makes his first appearance in the Pilot of Arrow TV series portrayed by David Ramsey. After he discovers Oliver is the Vigilante[1], he partners up with him after he reveals Deadshot killed his brother. He dawns the Vigilante's uniform[2] in order to clear Oliver's name off Detective Lance's suspect list of being the hooded vigilante.

In season 2, he and Lyla Michaels (his ex-wife) got back together. Later in the season it was revealed that Lyla was pregnant, and gave birth to in Season 3 premiere[3]. They name the baby, Sara, after Sara Lance who was killed around the same time of her birth.


Diggle makes his first appearance in the DC Comics in Green Arrow (Vol 5) #24 (October 2013).


Fandom mainly calls him "Diggle" or "Dig", just like canon. Diggle is of the more popular characters, besides Oliver and Felicity. He is often portrayed with emotions labeled for his different facial expressions and saying what the fans are thinking to Oliver and in general. He makes up the second member of Team Arrow.

He is also often praised for being a Character of Color.


In fandom the most common pairing for Diggle is the slash pairing of Diggle/Oliver. However it's common in fanfiction that show Diggle in a relationship (usually as a secondary/background pairing) is with Carly Diggle (in S1 related works or AU!S2 works) or Lyla Michaels (in S2 related works).

The gen pairing of Diggle & Felicity is pretty popular - usually considered a brotp. The het relationship Diggle/Felicity is more rare.

There has even been works of Diggle/Oliver/Felicity threesome.

Common Tropes & Themes

  • Arrow!Diggle - Diggle dressing up as the Hood/Arrow is canon and is often used in fanworks also.
  • Fandom generally considers him a fan of Oliver/Felicity, with him being so skeptic about Oliver's other relationships and being able to tell how Felicity feels[4].
  • Diggle being part of the Suicide Squad[5], a team led by Amanda Waller and has his ex-wife now girlfriend Lyla as well as Deadshot as a member. It's canon but fandom often treasures this Diggle-centric episode.





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