Light a match, burn the world to ash

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Title: light a match, burn the world to ash (I will watch it die, and hold your hand as I fly)
Author(s): sarcastic_fina
Date(s): March 3, 2014 - March 9, 2014
Length: c. 32,200 (3 chapters)
Genre: Mature, Tragedy, Angst, Action, Romance
Fandom: Arrow
External Links: at AO3 at LJ at FFN
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light a match, burn the world to ash (I will watch it die, and hold your hand as I fly) is an Oliver Queen/Felicity Smoak fanfic story by sarcastic_fina.


When Slade comes for Team Arrow, he's unforgiving in his relentless pursuit for revenge. In the end, however, he shouldn't have underestimated Felicity Smoak.

The story is separated into three parts, each one focusing mainly on Felicity, however Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow is central to the plot line as is Slade.

Characters List:

Warnings: Major character death, coarse language, sexual content, explicit violence


In little less than a month, light a match, burn the world to ash took off in a big way - with 345 reviews at FFN, 23 reviews at LJ, and 198 comments and 395 kudos at AO3[1].

"...This is not the kind of story where you read it, enjoy it and then months later, vaguely remember it. No, this is the kind of story that sticks with you. It grabs your heart in its fist, holds tight and never let go. I totally agree with what you did, and why, but there was a small part of me hoping I wasn't right as I continued to read. This one packs an emotional punch. I don't know if you are familiar with the show LOST, but I like how your ending kind of echoed the finale of that show.... That little bit of hope made it possible to finish this without being a total emotional wreck. Kudos to you for writing this. You are phenomenal."[2]
"This is so beautiful. There are so many things I want to say but I cant articulate because of how much I'm crying right now. But, the most significant thing to me, the one that is an all encompassing summary of your narrative, is that dialogue at the beginning that discusses deaths as a way to fuel the "hero's tragic story/ manpain". I love how you flip the gender dynamic and made such a classic, quintessential comic book hero's tale with Felicity's story line. No matter how much she may think she's the side kick, she's the real deal...if she read her story in a comic book, she'd call herself a cliché. And, that's not a criticism at all. It's brilliant, it's perfect, it's beautiful."[3]
"This was utterly mind-blowing emotional roller coaster fan fic I think I've read in ages (if ever). Seriously I spent the last hour trying to get through the last two chapters crying my eyes out. Granted I don't usually go for these angsty no happy ever after types of fics so it took me a while before I had the guts to read this, but even crying my eyes out for Diggle, Oliver, and Felicity (and Roy and Sara who've I've come to love too) still doesn't make me regret reading this story. I've always loved your writing - I don't know what you do to it but you put so much reality and emotion and just SOMETHING in them that I can't help but love every single story you've writen even when... that kind of ending... I mean you had me going ...and it broke me all over again. (I guess in a good way if that makes any sense).... Gah, just so many feelings right now... ...Now I think I need to read fluffy fics for a year to recover."[4]
"This story made me sick; this story gave me a headache... because it made me cry so much. When I told an Olicity shipping friend of mine about it and my reaction to it, she was afraid to read it, because if it made me bawl and I'm not an emotional person, then she didn't even want to think about how she would react to it. It wasn't that I was surprised by what happened. Nothing seemed out of character for our leads, and the progression of the story didn't shock me. It made complete and utter sense. ...This story was just so emotionally devastating - beautiful yet devastating. In fact, it's sometimes challenging to comment on a story like this, because, after THAT, what else can be said?..."[5]


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