Little Talks

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Title: Little Talks
Author(s): December_Daughter
Date(s): May 22 - July 10, 2013
Length: 44049 words
Genre: het
Fandom: Arrow (TV)
External Links: link at FFN
link at AO3

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Little Talks is an Olicity fanfic by December_Daughter, initially posted on May 22, 2013. It was later published on AO3 on January 15, 2014. There is a sequel called Filled with Gold.

It's a commonly recommended multichapter fic[1][2][3][4][5].


When Felicity is attacked, Oliver realizes that he knows almost nothing about her; in the course of helping her deal with what's happened, he's determined to prove that they are friends - despite Felicity's insistence that it's too complicated. The problem, he soon discovers, is that he wants to be more than just her friend.

Reviews and Reactions

I am loving it even more by the chapter! At first I thought the kiss was placed slightly incorrectly... But then Felicity leaving resolved it perfectly, and it clicked in my head that is was awkwardly placed for a reason. Awesome! Also at first, in chapter 2, I was a little annoyed at how submissive Felicity had gotten... But as the story is progressing, you can clearly see she is anything but, and that is amazing. Also the way you portray both characters is additionally amazing, because you have created a story that goes beyond a kiss into a date into the end. (Hopefully that made sense...) You have created something that shows each character perfectly. I find that most of the time once there is a kiss, any aspect of Felicity or Oliver's personality that would make it more complicated disappears. In this amazing FanFic, it is a perfect mix, So totally kudos to you! [6]
So I just finished your WONDERFUL story and might I say "Well Done!" Your writing is fantastic and holds just enough detail that doesn't overwhelm the reader. I love the development between the two and the struggle that both of them have to overcome. You stuck close to the characters personalities which is amazing. I will always ship Felicity and Oliver! Thank you for the great story. [7]
This is my favorite kind of story. The characters are the ones I see on screen, it's thoughtful, and there's a good story being told. Usually I don't like original characters but Kylie is a dear.[8]
But this is just so fantastic that I can't NOT gush ad nauseum. Because this? Is damn perfection. I usually LOATHE Felicity-as-victim stories; you are hands down the exception to that rule. You balanced her sass and badassery with real-world, appropriate emotions and you made sure she saved herself as well, not solely relying on Oliver. It's genius, and executed perfectly. I also have to commend you on dealing with Laurel; few writers (including those on the show, oops) don't flesh her out fairly or completely, and you did, beautifully. I also have to say that there's a richness to your writing that engages from the word go; I think a lot of authors have a too blunt touch sometimes,but you wove some beautiful pictures with your language. Kudos.

Lines of amazeballs that had me smothering my face in my pillow, lest my excited squealing wake up my partner (it's 5AM here):

"Some say the world will end in fire. Felicity wants to watch the world burn." Yeah, so, this is the single greatest line I've read in an "Arrow" fic. Ever. I want to build an altar and worship it.

"Rule Number One when dealing with Felicity Smoak: never make assumptions, because she will defy them all." I want to marry and live happily ever after with this line. Breathtaking.

"Because it undermines everything else. Love is important, of course, but what about hope? Ideals? Beliefs? Love would be nothing but a sad shadow without them, because it owes its existence to them. You don't start out loving someone, you start with hope: the hope that there is someone out there who knows how to love you without being told, and that you will recognize them when you meet them; so on and so forth. You can't reduce a heart – a person – down to one single emotion; that's not how we work." I am speechless. Absolutely speechless. W O W.

"Laurel makes him want to forget, but Felicity makes him want to remember; she makes him feel like he can remember, that not all the memories have to be painful." Now you're just showing off. ;)

Seriously though, I've read a lot of fic since entering the fandom (and tried my hand at a short piece as well) and I think you've set the bar on what we should all strive for as writers. An amazing job all the way around. And now off to the sequel.[9]


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