Rivers and Roads

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Title: Rivers and Roads
Author(s): angelica (Heather F.C)
Date(s): February 13, 2014 - present
Length: 55,152 words (26 chapters so far)
Genre: Mature, AU
Fandom: Arrow
External Links: at AO3, at FFN
Poster for Rivers and Roads

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Rivers and Roads is an AU Felicity/Oliver fanfic by angelica.


Oliver Queen returned back to Starling City after being stranded on an island for five years. Felicity Smoak was recommended to the Queen family as his psychiatrist. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Main Characters List:

There are appearances by various other Arrow Characters.

Author's Notes

"I've had this idea for an AU for a while where Felicity became Oliver's psychiatrist when he first returned from the island. This is largely AU, borrowing from plotlines of the show. I haven't written a long fic in a while so this will take a while.
Title from 'Rivers and Roads' by The Head and The Heart."

To listen to the playlist that inspires the author: 'till i reach you.

Reception & Comments

On AO3, the fic has 236 comments, 85 bookmarks and 837 kudos and on FFN it has 167 reviews, 227 favorites and 490 followers as of February 19, 2015.

"Yup. Yeah. Uh huh. I like this. I'm really interested to see where you will go with this. It is definitely original and who doesn't love a good doctor/patient love affair?"[1]
"This fic deserves so much more love than it gets! I mean you can totally see how much thought you put into each and every chapter... It's nice to see how you you're developing Oliver and Felicity's relationship, that she's slowly becoming someone he can trust and vice versa. I'm sure Oliver is sort of confused with how he feels about Felicity at the moment, but hopefully that'll get cleared up soon! I'm really loving this so far!"[2]
"I'm really enjoying this story, the way the characters are written and how he trusts her more and more with time. Also, awesome playlist! Not only sets the mood to read wonderfully but it has wonderful lyrics too. Looking forward to whats to come in this story :) Thanks for sharing!"[3]
"it's really strange reading a fic where felicity isn't a tech genius but I really like this fic I like the relationship between Oliver and felicity and the things you've changed and yeah I just really like it"[4]
"I just spent the last two hours reading this in its entirety, and am so glad I did! This is a fresh AU take on this relationship and world, and I am so very intrigued by it. You write dialogue so naturally and I really appreciate that. So excited to see where this leads! Thank you for sharing with us."[5]


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