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Name: OliverandFelicity.com (formerly ‘Remarkable’)
Owner/Maintainer: Sez
Dates: Remarkable opened May 2013, OliverandFelicity.com in February 2, 2014 - December 2016
Type: Olicity fansite, forum
Fandom: Arrow
URL: http://www.oliverandfelicity.com/
Layout 3 and current layout
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OliverandFelicity.com was the first fansite dedicated to Oliver/Felicity pairing in the Arrow fandom.

It has a Hate-free zone clause - where no one tolerates hate on anyone including Oliver, Felicity, the ship, and the many characters/pairings of Arrow:

"While OliverandFelicity.com is a ‘shipper site for Oliver/Felicity, it is also a HATE-FREE ZONE. That means hate for any of the other characters of Arrow (but particularly those that may be ‘shipped with either Oliver or Felicity) is not welcome here. The list includes (but is not limited to) Laurel, Sara, Barry, etc as well as their portrayers.
You may have issues with some of these characters and you are free to have those issues! I’m not saying you can’t dislike other characters… but this site is not a place to air those grievances. If you post something that would be considered hateful, the comment will be deleted without warning. As webmistress, I reserve that right."



The staff as of November 4, 2015[1]

  • Sez - Site owner, news updater, general site maintainer
  • Biliks - Social media maven, news updater
  • Lisa - News updater
  • Jade - News updater
  • Jbuffyangel - Review and meta queen


Remarkable opened in May 2013 and was the first fansite dedicated to Oliver/Felicity amongst all the Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook groups that focused on the pairing. It eventually went on hiatus for a few months before coming back as OliverandFelicity.com on February 2, 2014[2]



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