Nyssa al Ghul

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Name: Nyssa al Ghul
Nyssa Raatko (alias)
Occupation: Assassin
Relationships: Ra's al Ghul (father)
Sara Lance (lover, ally)
Fandom: Arrow
Other: Portrayed by Katrina Law
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Nyssa al Ghul is a character in Arrow series, and is the series version of the character Nyssa Raatko from the DC Comics, a Batman villain.


"I am Nyssa. Daughter of Ra's al Ghul. Heir to the demon."[1][2]

Nyssa al Ghul is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and the heir to the League of Assassins, an organization of which she is also a member. In her first appearance, she reveals that she is in love with Sara Lance, who she had rescued from the island and nurtured her position in the League, and that they had a romantic relationship. Nyssa later returns with Sara and a group of assassins to battle Slade Wilson and his Mirakuru soldiers with Team Arrow in order to save Starling City[2]. Sara then later rejoins Nyssa to go back to the League after the battle.


Nyssa al Ghul is a fairly popular character despite only having two appearances in the Arrow series so far, this is probably due to her BAMF scenes as an assassin and her canon relationship with Sara Lance. Nyssa and the other female characters in the Arrow fandom are often showcased, especially on Tumblr with gifs and picspams along with other types of fanart.

She commonly appears as a background or secondary character in various Arrow fanfiction, usually as an ally for Team Arrow and is sometimes joined by her father Ra's al Ghul and her half-sister in the comics Talia al Ghul.


Nyssa pairing with Sara (Nyssa/Sara) is one of the only canon relationships that really took off in the fandom; this is probably due to it being the only canon lesbian/gay couple on the series.

Other pairings for Nyssa are more rare such as Nyssa with Felicity Smoak (Nyssa/Felicity) and a threesome pairing of Nyssa with Sara/Felicity (Nyssa/Felicity/Sara).

In Season 3, the pairings of Nyssa/Laurel and Nyssa/Oliver appeared, the latter due to their forced marriage by Ra's al Ghul.

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