Ra's al Ghul

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Name: Ra's al Ghul
Relationships: Talia (daughter); Bruce Wayne (former son-in-law); Damian Wayne (grandson)
Fandom: Batman
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Ra's al Ghul is a recurring villain in Batman media.

Canon background


DC Animated Universe (DCAU)



Reception and meta

Fanon and tropes

While his feats in eugenics, mass-murder, and authoritarianism are well-documented in canon, fanon is known to assign villainous traits to Ra's that directly contradict his canonical values. For example, fanon Ra's may forbid medical care and scorn the healing arts as enabling weakness, despite the fact that canon Ra's is a physician by profession. Or Ra's may show excessive cruelty toward Damian's pets, despite the fact that canon Ra's is a fervent environmentalist and conservationist. Or Ra's might employ constant corporal punishment such as whipping his own family.

In fan works, fan writers often take the canon characterization of Ra's as a creepy otherized man creepily fixated upon white male progeny, and absolutely run wild with it. Some fan depictions of Ra's play up his "savage" and "uncivilized" qualities to make him the villain of stories that feature lurid descriptions of torture, abuse, and rape. This may include forcing prisoners to wear skimpy exoticized clothing and keeping them as sex slaves in a stereotypical Oriental harem.


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