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The CW Multiverse is a canon multiverse. It was originally referred to as the Arrowverse, but with the introduction of further spin-off shows it has also been called Flarrow, Legends of Flarrow and Legends of Super Flarrow.

There are 53 known Earths in the CW multiverse.

See Arrow (TV), The Flash (CW), Vixen (CW), Legends of Tomorrow and Supergirl (TV series) for more canon and fandom information.


Earth One

This is the Earth on which the events of the Arrow and Flash TV series takes place.

Earth Two

This is the Earth from which Harry Wells, Jesse Wells, Black Siren and the evil speedster Zoom arrived. Barry and Cisco visited this Earth in season 3. Earth-2 Cisco is a metahuman and villain who calls himself Reverb. Earth-2 Caitlin Snow is a villainous Killer Frost. Earth-2 Barry Allen doesn't have superpowers and he's married to police detective Iris West.

Earth Three

Jay Garrick is the Flash on Earth-3.

Earth Nineteen

This is the Earth that HR Wells, Gypsy and her father Breacher come from. Inter dimensional travel to and from this Earth is banned, after Earth-19 was invaded by a hostile force from an unknown Earth.

Earth Thirty-Eight

This is the Earth on which the events of the Supergirl TV series takes place.

Earth X

Earth-X shares a similar history with Earth-1 until the 20th Century, when the Nazi won World War II on Earth-X. In the events of Crisis on Earth X, forces from Earth-X invade Earth-1, led by Eobard Thawne (Reverse Flash), Oliver Queen (Dark Arrow) and Kara Danvers (Overgirl). Leo Snart and Ray Terrill are both resistance fighters from Earth-X.