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Name: Harrison Wells
Occupation: Scientist
Relationships: Tess Morgan (wife), Jesse Wells (Earth-2 Harry's daughter), Tracy Brand (Earth-19 H.R.'s love interest)
Fandom: The Flash (CW), Arrowverse
Other: played by Tom Cavanagh
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Harrison Wells is an original character created for the CW's reboot of The Flash TV series.


With the introduction of the multiverse to the show's canon, different versions of Harrison Wells from different Earths have appeared on the show. They have all been portrayed by Tom Cavanagh

Earth 1 Harrison Wells

Harrison Wells was the CEO of STAR Labs and a brilliant scientist. He and his wife, Tess Morgan, were murdered in 2000 by Eobard Thawne aka The Reverse Flash. Eobard stole Harrison's likeness and his identity, pretending to be the scientist for the next 15 years.

Earth 2 Harrison "Harry" Wells

This Harrison Wells is also a scientist and CEO of Star Labs. He travels to Earth-1 to hunt down the metahumans sent there by Zoom. Harry has a daughter Jesse Wells, who is kidnapped by Zoom. Barry and Cisco travel to Earth 1 to help him rescue Jesse.

Earth 19 Harrison "HR" Wells

On Earth 19, HR was the CEO of Star Labs, but he knew very little about science or computers. He views himself as a facilitator and an ideas man. He has written several bestselling books on his Earth. He helped train Wally West to become faster as Kid Flash. H.R. died to prevent Savitar from killing Iris West.


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During the first season, Harrison Wells was shipped mostly with Barry Allen, as he appeared to really care for the young speedster he mentored. It was a popular ship, so the reveal that this man was in fact Eobard Thawne masquerading as Wells, lead to many AU fics where Eobard never killed the original Harrison Wells.

Other popular season 1 pairings included, Cisco Ramon/Harrison Wells and Hartley Rathaway/Harrison Wells.

Earth-2 Harrison "Harry" Wells is most commonly paired with Cisco Ramon but fics pairing him with Barry and Caitlin also appear. In fanworks, Harry often helps other characters, primarily Barry or Cisco, discuss the trauma inflicted on them by Eobard.

Earth-19 Harrison "HR" Wells is rarely paired with his canonical love interest Tracy Brand. There are much fewer works including this character than previous incarnations of Harrison Wells.


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  • Recompenseby elrhiarhodan, Harry gets annoyed about being compared, yet again, to the false Wells, and makes a crack that Barry takes exception to. Barry's reply inadvertently leads Harry to conclusions he'd rather not have made. (Barry/Harry Wells)
  • Twofold by PepperPrints, “Come on. There’s gotta be something on this Earth that you want to see? That you want to do?” (Harry Wells/Joe West)
  • Fake It. Make It. Break It. by fabella, Cisco needs Harry to pretend to be his boyfriend for reasons. (Cisco Ramon/Harrison Wells)


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