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Synonyms: A How They Met story
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First Meeting, are fanworks involving the first encounter of certain characters. Generally the trope is popular in fandoms where the characters haven't yet had their first meeting, or this is not portrayed in the source material.

Alternate First Meeting is a AU variation of this trope, where the characters meet under different circumstances/realities than their first canon meeting. This type of work may be considered a sub-genre of canon-divergent works. In some cases, different first meetings can result for an Universe Alteration setting.

Forgotten First Meeting is another variation where the characters have met in the past, but for some reason are unaware of it opening the field for a second first date or more, varying from the reason for their ignorance of their first date. This forgotten encounter may or may not left a deep impression on at least one of them, correlating with tropes like red thread of fate, soulmate and others.[1]

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