Willabeth vs Sparrabeth

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Event: Willabeth vs Sparrabeth
Participants: Shippers
Date(s): 2006 - 2007 (?)
Type: Ship War
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
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Willabeth vs Sparrabeth was a ship war in Pirates of the Caribbean fandom between two Elizabeth Swann pairings, Will Turner/Elizabeth Swann, better known as Willabeth, and Jack Sparrow/Elizabeth Swann, better known as Sparrabeth.

In the interim between the release of the second and third films, a ship war raged between fans of Will/Elizabeth, or "Willabeth", and fans of Jack/Elizabeth, or "Sparrabeth". Much of the argument centered around the kiss which took place between Elizabeth and Jack in the final third of Dead Man's Chest. Fans would analyse the dynamics of and possible motivations for the kiss, contrasting it to the romantic kiss which takes place between Will and Elizabeth at the end of Curse of the Black Pearl.

Sparrabeth fans also interpreted the placement of the characters on some of the release posters for At World's End to symbolise that Will was coming in the middle of a relationship between Jack and Elizabeth; and many theorised that Elizabeth declined alcohol offered to her by Tia Dalma in Dead Man's Chest because she was pregnant with Jack's baby (conceived on the island Elizabeth and Jack were marooned on in Curse of the Black Pearl).

The marketing for At World's End played up the possibility of a love triangle between Will, Elizabeth and Jack, deliberately teasing it in the trailers.[1] However, the actual storyline of the film made very little reference to the supposed love triangle, disappointing fans and critics alike.[2][3]


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