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Pairing: Lance McClain/Princess Allura
Alternative name(s): Allurance, Cotton Candy
Gender category: Het
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Canonical?: Yes
Prevalence: common
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Lance/Allura or Allurance is a pairing in Voltron: Legendary Defender between Lance McClain and Princess Allura. Their canon relationship begins in S1E1 when Allura quite literally falls into Lance's arms after waking up from a 10,000 year slumber.


In the original Voltron series, Lance was a ladies man. He flirted with Allura and seemed to have a crush on her but neither took it seriously. Lance supported Allura's piloting but also poked fun at her incompetence. They were good friends and Allura kissed Lance on the cheek a few times. At first Lance was jealous of how close Allura and Keith were but eventually grew out of it and he came to support the relationship when they got together. Due to Lotor's creepy obsession with Allura, Lance despises Lotor and fights against him to protect the team although not to the same extent as Keith who is Lotor's archnemesis.

Lance and Allura's relationship gets much more focus and is played seriously in Voltron: Legendary Defender. Lance and Allura first meet when Allura falls into his arms. Lance develops a crush on her immediately but she isn't interested. His casual flirting with her continues for a while, but it only gets on her nerves. In later seasons the ship receives some proper teasing with the two bonding more after Allura's transition to paladin. The pair are able to confide in each other about their doubts regarding Shiro in Season 5, Lance supporting Allura to pilot Blue and Allura admits she enjoys Lance's company. Allura deeply admires her father Alfor and continuously compares Lance to him when Lance ends up piloting Alfor's Red Lion and wields his Altean broadsword. In Season 6 Lance confesses his love for Allura to the mice, who subsequently tell them to Allura, who does not appear to return his feelings at that time. Lance is the first one to support Allura after her heartbreak from Lotor's betrayal. In Season 7, Allura blushes at Lance and tells him to stay safe. Lance's sister Veronica teases Lance by telling him that the princess likes him. In Season 8, Lance and Allura get together before their relationship is cut short.

Lance was jealous of Keith and Allura being alone together and in the comics thinks Keith is jealous of him when he flirts with Allura. Lance is always very suspicious of Lotor hanging around Allura. He was also angry at Matt expressing interest in Allura.


Lance/Allura was the fourth most popular pairing in the original Voltron series after Keith/Allura, Allura/Lotor, and Sven/Romelle. In Voltron Force fans usually shipped Lance/Allura in a Keith/Allura/Lance threesome because Keith/Allura were now in a relationship and Lance was the couple's closest friend.

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