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Name: Princess Allura
Occupation: Princess of Arus or Altea, Queen of Arus, Commander/Pilot of the Castle of the Lions, Sorceress, Team Magical Combat Specialist
Relationships: Married to Keith in mainline Voltron canon, brief romances with Lotor and Lance in Legendary Defender
Fandom: Voltron
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Princess Allura is a character from the Voltron Franchise.


Princess Allura is the princess of Arus in Voltron. It is called Altea in GoLion and VLD.

Original Series

In the original series, Princess Allura is the de facto ruler of the entire planet (though she doesn't have the title Queen regnant), and is also the object of Lotor's affections much to her chagrin. Daughter of the late King Alfor, Allura inherited her father's authority on his death and is commander-in-chief and head of state for the planet Arus, and thus Commander Keith's superior. However, later she takes over for Sven as the pilot of the Blue Lion that forms Voltron's right leg, and defers to Keith during operational engagements. Over the course of the series, she falls in love with Keith. In Voltron Force, Allura eventually steps down as Blue Lion pilot to become Queen of Arus, passing it over to her niece Larmina. She marries Keith and coronates him to become King consort of Arus.

Legendary Defender

Allura was racebent in VLD and has white hair, dark skin, and blue eyes. Her exact age is unknown but she is biologically a teenager around Keith or Lance's age. She was in stasis for 10,000 years and so did not age during that period of time.

In VLD, she is supposedly, she one of few Alteans still living after they were attacked by Zarkon's Galra Empire over 10 000 years ago. She has no known living family. King Alfor was her father and Coran is (and was) now her guardian. She and Coran spent 10 millenia in stasis before being awakened by Lance McClain, Keith Kogane, Hunk Garrett, Pidge Gunderson and Takashi Shirogane. Her character is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.

In Legendary Defender, she is not romantically linked to Keith as she is in the main series. Instead, she is the object of Lance's affections and slowly comes to return them as she gets to know him better. She also has a brief romance with Lotor after forming a natural connection with him, due to his lack of being a forceful stalker in this continuity.


Tropes & Fanon

  • Empress Allura: A post-canon, more powerful Allura often shows up in fanart, often with a unique, regal design. This is partially based on the season four episode "Hole in the Sky" where Allura is Empress of the Altean Empire in an alternate reality.


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