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Name: Tsuyoshi "Hothead" Seidou (青銅 向こうっ気 強, Seidou "Mukōkki" Tsuyoshi); Tsuyoshi "Hunk" Garrett; Hunk
Occupation: Team Engineer, Heavy Ordnance Specialist
Relationships: unnamed family
Fandom: Voltron
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Hunk is the paladin of the yellow lion in the Voltron franchise. When he and his fellow paladins assemble Voltron, his mecha lion forms the right leg.


Voltron: Legendary Defender (2016)

Hunk is voiced by Tyler Labine in the Netflix series Voltron: Legendary Defender, the 2016 reboot of Voltron. Hunk is chubby and tall. He frequently cooks for the Paladins when they complain about the food that Coran makes for them. He was born on Earth on January 13th, and he is in his late teens.


Reception and popularity

Fans generally agree that Hunk gets the least focus and plot relevance of the paladins. It reached its peak in Season 2, where what little screentime he had resembled Flanderization. Many of his scenes revolved around food, his mechanical engineering skills were often forgotten unless necessary to the plot, he freaked out visibly more than any other paladin, and he was relegated mostly to comic relief, in stark contrast with the Hunk that learned to temper his caution with bravery during the Balmera arc. Later seasons brought emphasis back to his scientific knowledge and toned down the food and toilet humor, most notably getting Character Focus in "Omega Shield", but he continues to remain in the background most of the time. Fortunately, he did get more focus during Seasons 7 and 8.[1]

Fanon and characterization

Voltron: Legendary Defender (VLD)

This incarnation of Hunk is frequently given the last name Garrett after the incarnation of Hunk who appeared in Lion Force Voltron (1984) and in the 2011 Devil's Due comics.[2]

Proportional to his canon screen time, Hunk appears more frequently than many other characters in fan works; he is the fourth most frequently tagged character among VLD works on Archive of Our Own (AO3).[3] However, as in canon, he tends to play supporting roles rather than driving stories of his own; he often appears static character, serving as a friend, confidant, and cheerleader to a story's protagonist, often Lance or Pidge.

Hunk's age has been known to be in the late teens, but it its uncertain whether he is above the age of majority or not; this had been subject to discourse with regard to adult content in the VLD fan works.[1]

The fanon of Hunk being ethnically Hawaiian or non-specifically Polynesian was widely held by fans until supplementary materials revealed him to be of mixed Samoan and African-American descent.[2]

Hunk being raised by two mothers has been popular fanon[2] to the point that it is a tag on Archive of Our Own (AO3), though later in the series he mentions having both a mother and a father in dialogue.



Of Hunk's romantic pairings, Hunk/Shay (Hunay) is the most frequently tagged on AO3;[4][3] however, this pairing most often appears in the M/M category, meaning that Hunay may often only appear as a background pairing in works that focus on more popular pairings, such as KLance and Sheith.[5]

Overall, Hunk's platonic friendship with Lance may be one of his most popular pairings of all; as of 30 May 2021 on AO3, the Hunk & Lance relationship tag has 1 766 works, and the Hunk & Lance Friendship freeform tag has 814 works, in addition to all the various friendship tags that feature them in a larger friendship group.

Popular Pairings:

  • Hunk/Lance (Hance) and Hunk & Lance
  • Hunk/Shay (Hunay): In Episode 5 of Voltron: Legendary Defender, titled Tears of the Balmera, we see some hints at romance between Hunk and Shay. Hunk got teased about her by Lance and Pidge multiple times throughout the series. In season seven, she makes an appearance in the finale to visit an injured Hunk in the hospital, the two of them are shown embracing.
  • Hunk/Pidge (Hidge): Hunk has a very close relationship with Pidge in the later seasons, the two of them being the team's engineers and working on several projects together. The two even refer to themselves as "Team Punk." Aside from an offhand comment from Pidge's father comparing them to himself and his wife, however, the relationship reads as more platonic in canon.
  • Hunk/Keith

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