Sunflower Fields Forever

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Title: Sunflower Fields Forever
Type: art portfolio
Date(s): 2018
Medium: print, PDF
Fandom: Voltron: Legendary Defender
Language: English
External Links: bigcartel, tumblr
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Sunflower Fields Forever is a Hunk zine in the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


20 Pieces of art work all centered around the lovely Hunk, 4 k words spanning 3 stories, one lanyard of hunk and yellow, 5 bookmarks with quotes from the show, a sticker sheet and two charms, one wooden and one acrylic.

“Sunflower Fields Forever” is a Hunk-centric zine focused on our favorite yellow paladin! This zine will be accepting artists, authors, and merch artists.

Who are the mods running the zine?

Our mods are Mason and Nat, with guest mod and zine creator Ash.

Is this a profit or charity zine?

SFF is a for-profit zine; profits will be determined by post-production sales. 2x profits will go to our selected cover artist, and 10% to mod Ash for organization, financials, and shipping (hire prices for her zine services can be found here). The remainder will be split evenly amongst our creators. This is in addition to a free copy of the zine for our artists as well as a complimentary PDF!

What is the rating?

This is a G/PG-rated zine, with no violence, gore, or sexual themes. We are focusing on Hunk and his sunny disposition and not much else!

Is ship art allowed?

We would prefer to keep the zine ship-free, with no explicit romantic themes present!

Are AU’s allowed?

Yes, absolutely! :) Is Hunk a mermaid in your universe? A handsome knight? A fabulous magician? Come share it with us!

How many creators will be accepted?

25-30 artists and up to 15 authors will be accepted!

Will the contributing artists receive a copy of the zine?

Yes! Creators will receive a free copy of the zine as well as a complimentary PDF copy. Any extra merchandise can be purchased by creators for a very reduced/base price.