Hayley Marshall

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Name: Hayley Marshall
Relationships: Hope Mikaelson (daughter)
Fandom: TVD/The Originals
Other: Played by Phoebe Tonkin
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Hayley Marshall was a recurring character on The Vampire Diaries and a regular on The Originals


Hayley first appears in season four of TVD as a werewolf friend of Tyler Lockwood. She came to Mystic Falls with him to try and unsire Klaus Mikaelson's hybrids. Later in the season it was revealed she had an ulterior motive - she made a deal with Augustus Shane where in exchange for information about her biological parents, she would manipulate Klaus into killing twelve of his hybrids, thus completing one of the sacrifices necessary for creating an Expression Triangle.

Later she has a one night stand with Klaus that results in her getting pregnant with Hope.


Due to many different factors, Hayley is a controversial character in fandom. She was not a popular character during her time on TVD and many fans couldn't understand why she would be the one to cross over to The Originals. She was accused of being two dimentional and pointless.

Some TVD fans who moved with the characters to the spin off seemed to change their mind about the character as she received a lot of development during season one of the spin off. Other still think very low of her and refuse to give her a chance.

A lot of animosity towards the character came from the Klaroline part of the fandom, as Hayley was perceived as a threat to that pairing, as well as a character who didn't deserve the spotlight fans felt should be given to Caroline Forbes.

TO fans of the character sometimes refer to Hayley as their Queen.

Hayley as an Original Character

During the time when very little was known about the character on the show, a character called "Hayley" would sometimes appear in the fics (often in a villian-like capacity) that would have little to no connection to the character portrayed on the show. That was especially true in shipping fics (Klaus/Caroline and Caroline/Tyler).

Six Degrees Influences

Due to the fact that Phoebe Tonkin and Claire Holt (who plays Rebekah Mikaelson) worked together on a show in Australia, and became best friends, their characters are sometimes portrayed as friends as well (in a bigger capacity than on the show).

Common Pairings

Hayley's most common het pairings are Klaus/Hayley and Hayley/Elijah, with a minor Hayley/Jackson and Hayley/Tyler.

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