H2O: Just Add Water

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Name: H2O: Just Add Water
Abbreviation(s): H2O
Creator: Jonathan M. Shiff
Date(s): July 2006 – April 2010
Medium: television show
Country of Origin: Australia
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H2O: Just Add Water is a teen fantasy Australian television series that revolves around three teenage girls facing everyday teen problems with an added twist: they're mermaids with powers over water. Although it's originally an Australian show, it became quite popular in the United States before (and after) it was syndicated on Nickelodeon.

A spin-off series based off the original show, Mako: Island of Secrets premiered in July 2013.


The fandom is relatively small, although the show is quite popular. The fandom is prominently on FFN and LJ, with some appearing on AO3 and Tumblr. Most of the fandom is focused on fics with a few graphics and vids through out it. Although most fans also focus on the prominent characters (Rikki, Cleo, Lewis, Emma, later Bella and Will), there are quite a few OCs out there.

The popular canon pairings are Rikki/Zane, Cleo/Lewis, Ash/Emma, and Bella/Will. A few other fanon pairings appear frequently are Rikki/Will, Rikki/Emma, Cleo/Rikki, Bella/Rikki, Bella/Cleo, and Cleo/Emma.



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