Mako: Island of Secrets

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Name: Mako: Island of Secrets
Mako Mermaids
Creator: Jonathan M. Shiff
Date(s): July 26 2013 – present
Medium: television show
Country of Origin: Australia
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Mako: Island of Secrets, also known as Mako Mermaids internationally, is a teen fantasy Australian television series that revolves around three mermaids - Lyla, Nixie, and Sirena - as they try to protect Mako Island and its Moon Pool from any trespassers. One full moon they failed and because of that a human boy, Zac, becomes a merman. They're brandished from the pod, and to try to fix that they get legs to get Zac to become completely human again. Although it's originally an Australian show, Netflix own the exclusive internet television provider for the series.

Its the spin-off series based off the original show, H2O: Just Add Water which ended in 2010. Although it's a spin-off, most of the fans are not sure how to connect the two shows together besides it dealing with Mako Island and mermaids - does this one really take place after H2O or before? Where were the born mermaids/the pod in H2O? Are Nixie, Lyla, and Sirena the three older mermaids from the first show?[1]


The fandom is relatively small so far compared with its predecessor, H2O. The fandom is mainly focused on Tumblr and, with most of the work focused on the three mermaids and Zac.

The popular pairings so far are Lyla/Zac, David/Sirena, Nixie/Cam and Zac/Evie.


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