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Name: Durarara!! (デュラララ!!)
Abbreviation(s): DRRR!!
Creator: Ryohgo Narita
Date(s): 2004-2014 (light novel), 2009-present (manga), 2010 (anime)
Medium: light novel series; manga, anime & video game adaptations
Country of Origin: Japan
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Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) is a light novel series that has also been adapted into an ongoing manga series and a 2010 anime series. In 2014, a new anime series was announced. A sequel light novel series, titled Durarara!! SH, is also under production.


The plural viewpoints and overlapping plots from canon don't often make it all the way to the fanfiction, as fans are liable to pick a favorite character/pairing/plot from the large cast and run with it. Most of the fanfiction remains interested in the first season of the show, though some is set into the second season or involves plot from the light novels. The variety in characters can lead to a breadth of different fanfiction, however much of the fandom is dedicated to the popular ship Heiwajima Shizuo/Orihara Izaya. A pairing between two characters who despise each other in canon, the ways fans go about making them romantically involved varies, many exploring their history with each other and reinterpreting their passionate emotions for each other in a more sexual light.

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