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Name(s): Watcher Entertainment, Watcher
Date(s): 2019 - Present
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Watcher Entertainment is a production company founded by former Buzzfeed producers Ryan Bergara, Steven Lim, and Shane Madej. It produces a variety of unscripted webseries that are hosted on the YouTube channel Watcher.

The company was founded sometime in 2019, announced on December 9th, 2019, and formally launched on January 10, 2020. As of December 2020, the channel has over one million subscribers.


As of January 2021, there are over 700 works on Archive of Our Own with the Watcher Entertainment RPF fandom tag. Most of them are cross-tagged in the BuzzFeed Unsolved fandom. A significant portion of Watcher's fandom come directly from the BuzzFeed Unsolved fandom, meaning that tropes and pairings common to that fandom are also frequently found in Watcher fanworks.

The most popular ship in the fandom is Ryan Bergara/Shane Madej, or "Shyan", with over 500 works in the tag (and over 3300 works across AO3 overall).

While less popular, fanworks featuring Ryan Bergara/Steven Lim or Steven Lim/Shane Madej ("Styan" and "Limadej", respectively) do exist, as do works with the OT3 of Ryan Bergara/Steven Lim/Shane Madej ("Steshyan").

One of the most popular Watcher series, Puppet History, has its own mini-fandom, and characters such as The Professor (a history-teaching puppet played by Shane Madej) have become popular in their own right.

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