Ryan Bergara

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Name: Ryan Bergara
Also Known As:
Occupation: YouTuber/Digital Content Creator/Filmmaker
Medium: Online video
Works: BuzzFeed Unsolved, Watcher Entertainment
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Ryan Bergara is an American Youtuber, best known as the creator and co-host of the popular webseries BuzzFeed Unsolved. He has gone on to found a production company, Watcher Entertainment, with fellow ex-BuzzFeeders Steven Lim and Shane Madej.


Ryan Bergara was born in 1990. In February 2016, while working as a video producer at BuzzFeed, he created a short video about the Somerton Man that would become the first episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved. Unsolved was originally hosted by Bergara and Brent Bennett; Bennett would later be replaced with Shane Madej.

Bergara is a believer in various paranormal phenomena; both of his co-hosts on Unsolved have been skeptics. This gives Unsolved a skeptic-believer dynamic not dissimilar to that of The X-Files, and sets it apart from other ghost-hunting documentary series.

In 2019, Bergara co-founded Watcher Entertainment, and has since produced and starred in several of the company's shows; one notable example is Puppet History, where Ryan is present in every episode.


Bergara began to attract fannish attention in early 2017, following the success of Unsolved. As of June 2021, over 4200 works on AO3 feature him as a tagged character. Fans of Bergara refer to themselves as "Boogaras."


The most common pairing featuring Bergara is Ryan Bergara/Shane Madej ("Shyan"), with over 3700 works on AO3 as of June 2021. Bergara has also been shipped with fellow ex-BuzzFeeder and artist Sara Rubin, Watcher co-founder Steven Lim, and his real-life wife, actress Marielle Scott. He has also been involved in a number of polyships.


In the BuzzFeed Unsolved episode "The Creepy Murder In Room 1046", Bergara creates a fictional identity for himself as part of a bit. This alter ego, "Ricky Goldsworth", has taken on a life of his own in fandom. Some fanworks treat Goldsworth as a separate character who shares features and personality traits with Bergara; others write Goldsworth as a "split personality", as a supernatural being that possesses Ryan's body, or as simply another name that Ryan chooses to go by. Goldsworth is often paired with C.C. Tinsley, a real detective turned Shane-lookalike who either works with or against Goldsworth's criminal antics.

While Bergara has been written as a supernatural being in various AUs, he takes on the role of a non-human character less often than his co-host Shane Madej (as "Demon Shane Madej" is one of the most popular tropes in the Unsolved fandom).