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Name: Steven Lim
Also Known As:
Occupation: YouTuber
Works: BuzzFeed: Worth It, Watcher Entertainment
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Steven Lim is an American Youtuber, best known as the creator and co-host of the popular webseries BuzzFeed: Worth It. He has gone on to found a production company, Watcher Entertainment, with fellow ex-BuzzFeeders Ryan Bergara and Shane Madej.


Steven Lim was born in 1990. In late 2016, he created BuzzFeed: Worth It, with the first episode airing in September of that year. He co-hosted the show with Keith Habersberger for two episodes, before Habersberger was replaced with Andrew Ilnyckyj, who has been Lim's permanent co-host ever since.

In 2019, Lim co-founded Watcher Entertainment, and has since produced and starred in several of the company's shows.


Lim began to attract fannish attention in 2017; the first fic featuring him as a tagged character was posted in July of that year. As of March 2021, over 900 works include him as a tagged character.

It's worth noting that in a large number of fanworks where Lim is a tagged character, he has a supporting role. He frequently appeared as a side character in fics for other BuzzFeed fandoms, especially BuzzFeed Unsolved. After the formation of Watcher, this continued; as writers for Unsolved fandom migrated to Watcher fandom, they included Steven in their fics more often than before, but did not stop writing Ryan and Shane as the protagonists.


The most common pairing featuring Lim is Andrew Ilnyckyj/Steven Lim ("Standrew"), with over 500 works on AO3 as of March 2021. He has also been shipped with Worth It cameraman Adam Bianchi, and his Watcher co-founders Ryan Bergara ("Styan") and Shane Madej ("Limadej").