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Name(s): Puppet History
Date(s): 2020 - Present
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Puppet History is an edutainment webseries produced by Watcher Entertainment, created by Shane Madej and co-starring Ryan Bergara. In it, Madej plays the Professor, a puppet who devotes his time to teaching the viewers, Bergara, and a rotating cast of special guests about various historical events and figures. The series is a game show, with Bergara and the special guests competing to earn points every episode.

As of October 2021, four seasons and a holiday special have aired.


While Puppet History is one of many Watcher series, and its stars have considerable RPF fandoms of their own, Puppet History does have a small fandom that is somewhat separate from the Watcher Entertainment RPF fandom. As of March 2021, the Puppet History fandom tag on Archive of Our Own contains 22 works.

The Professor is the breakout star of Puppet History, and has been featured in a large amount of fanart. Some fans have gone so far as to create their own Professor puppets [1]. Perhaps the most popular non-Professor puppets to appear on the show are the pair of unnamed oar puppets (dubbed by fans as "The Gay Oars") featured in an episode about Miyamoto Musashi[2]; a small amount of fic and art exists that is dedicated to this canon pairing[3].

Much of the fan content for the show centers on the complicated relationship between the Professor and Ryan Bergara. In seasons past, their relationship has been hostile, with Ryan bitter over the game being rigged against him. In season four, Ryan dropped the hostility and treated the Professor as a friend; however, this was revealed to be a ruse in the finale, with Ryan betraying the Professor. A few fix-it fics have been created since the finale, which Watcher's official Tumblr has acknowledged[4].

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